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The Stoltmann Law Offices exclusively represents investors from across the country in securities litigation and FINRA arbitration actions. Our attorneys have handled approximately one thousand investment securities fraud cases and related court cases. Our Chicago based law firm exclusively focuses on FINRA securities arbitration claims and individual lawsuits against financial institutions, financial advisors, mutual fund firms and insurance companies throughout the United States. Stoltmann Law Offices securities arbitration lawsuits concentrate on brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and registered investment advisors engaging in unlawful investment conduct.

Our Firm Offers Personal Securities Law Advice

At Stoltmann Law Offices we offer hands-on customized, aggressive legal advice. This personal approach means that our clients will always have an attorney available to them, prosecuting their claim. With our law firm, you will be in frequent contact with an attorney who understands the nuances of your individual case.

We Fight Against Investment Fraud

Under an investor’s state securities act, enforceable legal actions can be brought against financial institutions for failure to diversify a portfolio, fraud, churning, unauthorized trading, misrepresentations and omissions, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, financial exploitation of the elderly and other related actions. Investment losses often have a devastating impact on investors whose trusted financial advisor, stockbroker, insurance agent or financial professional failed to comply with their fiduciary duties and obligations.

Securities Arbitration Fraud Law Firm

Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of all investment fraud abuses are never reported. The number of FINRA securities arbitration cases that are actually filed against stock brokers, insurance agents and investment advisers is a very small percentage of the actual actionable claims. Often, investors feel embarrassed by their supposed gullibility or degree of trust placed in their financial advisor. Investors often assume they are simply the victim of the financial markets and there is no recourse against fraudulent advisor mismanagement. However, if an investor is the victim of fraud, they do have legal options and the ability to recover some, or all, of those investment losses.

Our Securities Law Firm Holds Financial Advisors Accountable

Brokerage firms have a duty to reasonably supervise the activities of their financial advisors. Failure to do so can make the brokerage firm liable for the investment losses sustained. A financial advisor who failed to disclose the risks associated with an investment product, churned client accounts, made unsuitable investment recommendations or converted client funds may all be cause for actionable claims. Unscrupulous activity by stock brokers and advisors entitles the investor to possibly recover his or her losses, attorney fees, statutory interest and costs through FINRA arbitration or lawsuits.

Chicago Investment Fraud Attorneys

Call us for a no cost, no fee review of your potential case by a team of experienced investment fraud lawyers. We typically work on a contingency fee basis. This means if we do not win you will not pay any attorney fees.