Glen Galemmo Queen City Investment Fund

Did you invest money with financial advisor Glen Galemmo and Queen City Investment Fund?  We are investigating Mr. Galemmo for his alleged involvement in a Ponzi scheme.  According to recently filed court documents, it has been alleged that Mr. Galemmo ran an elaborate Ponzi Scheme in a supposed investment fund, called Queen City Investment Fund.  This scheme is alleged to have hurt potentially hundreds of investors and is alleged to have harmed investors tens of thousands of dollars, if not millions.

Mr. Galemmo operated a company called Queen City Investments, as well as Galemmo Investment Group.  Mr. Galemmo was previously a registered representative with Landmark Investment Group.  During 2006 to 2011, Galemmo was alleged to have promised investors returns of over 400%.  Unfortunately, these supposed returns were inaccurate and misleading.  It is believed that Mr. Galemmo was using new investor funds to pay off previous investors.  We are investigating whether Landmark Investment Group properly supervised Galemmo’s conduct while he was with Landmark.

It is believed that many of those who invested with Galemmo and Queen City are in the Cincinnati area.  To learn more about your legal options to recover any investment losses with Galemmo, Queen City Investments, or Galemmo Investment Group, please call us at 312-332-4200